BorgVerse Gaming Tournament Competition: March 19th --> 26th!

Play Now!

The Top 5 XP - Earners that hold a BotBorg NFT in their Phantom wallet will Win:

Place Prizes
1st 3 BotBorg NFTs + 100m Land Parcel + 50m Land Parcel
2nd 3 BotBorg NFTs + 50m Land Parcel + 20m Land Parcel
3rd 2 BotBorg NFTs + 50m Land Parcel + 20m Land Parcel
4th 1 BotBorg NFT + 20m Land Parcel + 20m Land Parcel
5th 1 BotBorg NFT + 10m Land Parcel + 10m Land Parcel

Current Leaders:

Rank Name XP
1Dr. Strange3,030,311 XP
2Professor Mike3,004,143 XP
3[TYPHOONS]1,440,515 XP
419611,410,115 XP
5matty11,119,120 XP
6Doctor1,051,693 XP
7Bjorn Borg1,044,660 XP
8Fluttershy841,897 XP
9Noob 2274734,090 XP
10Borg 6537664,024 XP
11Fury597,260 XP
12his ego389,637 XP
13Borg 6576219,543 XP
14Loser193,660 XP
15cat177,699 XP
16Valkyrie133,190 XP
17Borg 235198,222 XP
18Panzer85,837 XP
19DreMa45,276 XP
20Borg 455842,656 XP
21Borg 397540,969 XP
22BTS35,175 XP
2394second28,538 XP
25Borg 265719,933 XP
26Borg 672718,991 XP
27Borg 752118,466 XP
28ASW 8KM17,800 XP
29Ice17,762 XP
30Borg 343016,437 XP
31zcorsair15,481 XP
32Borg 490514,502 XP
33Victor Borg-er14,069 XP
34TheAbillity13,142 XP
35REDLOCK12,383 XP
36Borg 66509,577 XP
37Noob 37598,690 XP
38Borg 61147,627 XP
39Borg 16536,746 XP
40Borg 58056,256 XP
41Superstar5,750 XP
42Arion5,675 XP
43Rickyjoe5,523 XP
44Borg 84455,364 XP
45Borg 61985,225 XP
46Borg 13665,150 XP
47pp5,075 XP
48Borg 54285,075 XP
49Borg 57275,075 XP
50Borg 52445,000 XP